A Leader of Film Production Services in Vietnam

Vietnam is rapidly becoming a hotspot for media producers from around the globe. Language and cultural barriers, however, mean that finding a local partner is vital to the success of any television or film project wishing to shoot here.

With clients and partners from around the world producing information, travel, documentary, and feature films, Redbridge TV & Film Production Services is the partner of choice when stories that matter bring you to Vietnam.

With a 25 year track record servicing some of the world’s most demanding clients, Redbridge has become one of Vietnam’s leading location services companies specializing in a full range of production and logistics services for international media.

For feature films, documentaries, lifestyle and information programs, commercial advertising, and events, Redbridge has the local expertise and experience to make your production in Vietnam a success.


Permitting & Customs Clearance License
Vietnamese laws require foreign television and film production companies to obtain a filming permit, as well as permits to import and re-export equipment. For your project to run smoothly, your permits need to be cleared in order to cover all your shooting locations.

Redbridge can provide filming permits and customs clearance quickly and professionally. Whether you are working on a short shoot, a multi-episode television program, or a feature film, Redbridge can help you obtain the permits you need to make your project run smoothly. We can usually complete the permitting process for television projects, such as documentaries, short films, lifestyle programs and travel programs, in as little as one week. Feature films, which generally require a script review, may require several months to work through the permitting process.

Location Scouting

Vietnam offers a spectacular array of shooting locations that include ancient villages, colonial era streets and houses, modern central city landscapes, forested mountains, deserted coasts and islands, and ethnic minority villages. Redbridge staff will hunt for the perfect locations for your project, from Vietnam’s cities and towns, to its more remote mountains and coasts.

Whether you are working on a feature film, a lifestyle program, or a documentary, Redbridge can get you into the places that will make your story come alive.

Crew & Equipment

When you’re tight on time and pulling together a tough shoot, Redbridge can quickly connect you with the equipment and crew you need.

With the opening of opportunities for private production companies in 2003, much more equipment and a wider variety of trained production crew have become available in Vietnam than ever before.

Our wide network offers you multiple sources for cameras, sound equipment, dollies, and lighting, and the cameramen, grips, gaffers, sound technicians, boom operators, and other crew to operate them. We can also help you to recruit local production managers, second unit crews, and production assistants as well as fixers, translators, and security.

Visa, Travel, Food & Accommodation
Managing the visa process can be difficult for film and television professionals unfamiliar with Vietnam. Redbridge will assist you through the visa process quickly and professionally.

we need three working days to acquire visa clearances for a small documentary or lifestyle crew, and one week or longer for a larger film crew. If you are traveling and cannot process your visa at a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate, we can arrange for visas on arrival. In Vietnam, we can book flights and hotels, cater production sets, and provide 24 hour car service to our clients. We offer the best prices for food and accommodations at many well-known hotels and restaurants, including some of Vietnam’s most exclusive. We can also book vacation travel if your desire to see Vietnam extends beyond the set.


Whether you are looking for actors for a film or television feature, need to contact people for a documentary or reality show, or are casting for a commercial, Redbridge can work with your casting director to find the people that will make your story happen. Redbridge’s director taught for many years at the National Stage and Cinema College, worked as a stage director for the National Theatre, and was employed as an actor on stage and in film. She knows the talent available in Vietnam and can match most roles with a variety of actors. In addition to casting, we can serve as your liaison and interpreter on the set, working with the actors and real people you need for your film, documentary or commercial.

Whether you need principles, extras, or intriguing local personalities to make your project a success, Redbridge is your source for talent.


Selected Past Work

* First Time Filmmakers Vietnam, Discovery Channel Asia, 2009 (Singapore)
* Poverty Reduction in Lao Cai Province, VCODEP, 2009 (Italy)
* Teaching About War in Vietnam, Evans Woolfe Media, Teacher’s TV, 2009 (UK)
* Vietnam Economic Journal, Danish Broadcasting Corp, 2008 (Denmark)
* Lonely Planet Bluelist: Best in Asia, 2008 (Singapore)

* Documentary for UNIS, Hanoi, 2008 (Vietnam)
* The Real, Hanoi Segment, Uproar Production Ltd, 2008 (UK)
* Pursuits, 2007 (Singapore)
* Food Chain, Keo Films for Channel 4, 2007 (UK)
* Challenging Heaven, Feature film, Permitted 2007 (USA)
* Pacific Screen Awards, Vietnam Segment, 2007 (Australia)
* 20 Years After Operation Baby Lift, 2007 (USA)
* Bizarre Food with Andrew Zimmem, 2007 (USA)

* Global Gourmet, Luck Mangan, 2007 (Singapore)

* World Café Asia, Pilot Productions, 2006 (Singapore)

* APEC Summit 2006, fixer for US Media Pool (USA)